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Different ways to rip dvd's in ubuntu

dvdripdvdrip is a Perl application which provides a GUI. sudo apt-get -y install dvdripNow we create an application launcher to add dvdrip to main menu.Execute following command to create a new application launcher file.sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/dvdrip.desktopEnter following contents into launcher file save and close the file. [Desktop Entry] Name=dvd::rip Comment=dvd::rip Exec=dvdrip Icon=/usr/share/perl5/Video/DVDRip/icon.xpm Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Application;AudioVideo; k9copy Use following command to install k9copy. sudo apt-get -y install k9copyk9copy compresses the larger video files to make them fit on standard DVD of size 4.7GB. Allows you to create ISO images from DVDs. Allows you to choose whether to rip subtitle and audio tracks. Allows you to preserve original DVD menus.