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SmarterFox : Imporove your browsing experience

SmarterFox learns site pagination systems and allows you to view other pages without even a single click. These are the features offered by SmarterFox.SmarterFox makes your address bar smarter by integrating Google search with awesome bar(address bar).Save flash based content.There is a quick launcher which allows you to open your favorite sites.Search selected text in Google, Wikipedia and other sites.

Vim key bindings for gedit

There is a plugin called vigedit which provides vi emulation for gedit.First execute following command to checkout the source from bazaar repo.bzr branch go inside main-method folder and execute following command.python install.pyNow open your gedit and goto Edit > Preferences > Plugins and check vigedit. Your gedit will turn into basic vi editor.

PySide : Nokia's offical python bindings for QT

Nokia started working on providing official python bindings for QT after talks with PyQt creators riverbank failed. The new API is called PySide and it's available under LGPL license and going to maintain API compatibility with PyQt thus ensuing porting of existing PyQt applications with minimal or no changes. Nokia is going to provide pyside as an alternative option to develop mobile applications for next Maemeo 5 devices.Get pyside

Getting KDE 4.3 on Ubuntu Jaunty

Add following two lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list. deb jaunty main deb jaunty main Execute following command to setup GPG keys and to update your apt package meta data. sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 8AC93F7A sudo apt-get update If you already have previous version of KDE execute following command. sudo apt-get -y dist-upgradeIf you don't have any KDE version already installed then execute following command. sudo apt-get -y install kubuntu-desktop