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UUID and Partitions

UUID's were introduced to identify disk partitions uniquely. And these UUID will remain same even when device order changes and becomes easy for mounting and unmounting these partitions without any concerns. Currently there are two ways to get UUIDs of partitions.blkidls /dev/disk/by-uuid

Counter Strike 2D

InstallationDownload windows full version and Linux client zip files from download page. Extract full version zip file and extract Linux client into previously extracted directory. Set execute permissions for Linux binary and you are ready to play the game.Download Counter Strike 2D

wmii - Simple Window Manager

Installationsudo apt-get -y install wmii UsageRestart your current GUI session and select wmii from your login manager. You will be presented with a blank screen, now press Mod+Enter to start a new terminal.Following are the useful keyboard shortcuts.Mod+Enter - Start a new terminalMod+M, Mod+S, Mod+D - Maximized layout, Stacked layout, Reset to default layout(equal height).Mod+H, Mod+L, Mod+J, Mod+K - Move focus to left, right, down, up window.Mod+Shift+H, Mod+Shift+L, Mod+Shift+J, Mod+Shift+K - Move current window to left, right, down, up. Move to left or right keys will result in new column if there is no column exists in that direction.Mod+P - Shows an application launcher. Customizationwmii is glued together using bash scripts so its easy to customize. wmii exposes its settings as a virtual file system and you can modify settings using wmiir command.

MSNBC shows its Linux hatred

"Linux is great. It's a free, open-source operating system (OS) based on work done by Linus Torvalds in the early '90s. Again, it's free, powerful and easy to ... Oh wait, it's a pain to use."

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Red hat about to outshine Sun Micro systems in market

History is in the making because for the first time ever Red Hat is about to go beyond Sun Micro systems in terms of market capitalization.

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Commander Stalin

Commander Stalin is based on BOSWARS and it's a RTS game. The most impressive thing about this game is clean graphics. Get Commander Stalin - Community to Share Your Configuration Files

This is the community to share and view the configuration files. This site has some pretty impressive collection of configuration files ranging from bash to emacs. You can certainly learn some techniques by examining these configuration files.

Enigma Desktop for Linux

This sexy desktop mod was initially designed for windows but it's now ported to Linux. Give it a try.Download Enigma Desktop & Get Installation Instructions.

vibrantink - Textmate Color Theme for Vim


SCO Group proposes sale of assets to continue litgation

The embattled SCO Group Inc. is proposing to auction off its core products and use proceeds to continue its controversial lawsuits over the alleged violations of its copyrights in Linux open-source software.

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Dell sells Ubuntu - But it's "NOT recommended" says this CSR

Surely, I am an advocate of Dell (and, and now HP for mobile mi(it's Ubuntu)) because of their GUTS to sell GNU/Linux to end users! That being said, I wanted for people to see this story to raise awareness. Regular people are getting pushed around, being discouraged from choice, and soldiers of freedom MUST ANSWER! BRING IT ON!!

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Update Girl drops out of college because of Linux

this is the update to the earlier post about the girl that was so close to becoming a rocket scientist that she had to drop out of school because her laptop had Ubuntu on it. Now the problem is now all us Linux users out here that are just haters, make your own call on this.

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Wine 1.1.13 Released

* startup notifications. * Many fixes for 64-bit application support. * Improved graphics support in Internet Explorer. * Various Richedit improvements. * Better certificate manager dialog. * Various bug fixes.

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KDE 4.2 release candidate now available

The KDE project has announced the availability of the KDE 4.2 release candidate. This release is not intended for use in production environments, but it is suitable for testers who want to get an early look at the new features and help track down some of the remaining bugs.

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Wake Up Higher Education. A Degree does not require Windows!

"First off, let's dispel a couple of things. I have sat in meetings with principals and school administrators and listened slack-jawed as system administrators (mostly MSCE's) told their employers that it was illegal to remove Windows from their current computers. They didn't say it violated their contracts or licenses...they said it was illegal."

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Building desktop Linux applications with JavaScript

Ars takes a close look at Seed, a new framework that allows software developers to build GTK+ applications with JavaScript. The popular web scripting language could soon become the dominant application extension language on the Linux desktop.

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Dots Emerald Theme


Ubuntu Intrepid GDM Theme


Download Blender Gamekit 1st Edition For Free

Blender Gamekit 1st Edition is available for free of cost. It includes a book and a CDROM for learning everything from texturing to animation.Download Blender Gamekit 1st Edition For Free

Project Hamster - Track Your Time

Installationsudo apt-get -y install hamster-appletAdd this applet to one of your gnome dock panel and start using it.

Amazon EC2 Ready Ubuntu/Debian Images

Want to run Ubuntu on Amazon EC2 ?, Here is a site that provides base images of both Debian & Ubuntu for running on Amazon EC2. Ubuntu/Debian Images for Amazon EC2

Hide Icons on Gnome Desktop

The first step in achieving clutter free desktop area is "Hiding icons on desktop". Gnome provides a way to do that. First open up gconf-editor (Gnome Configuration Editor) by executing following command. gconf-editorNow navigate to /apps/nautilus/preferences and uncheck the tick mark on the option show desktop.As soon as you uncheck the option show desktop icons on your desktop will instantly disappear.

Deviant Emerald Theme


QT 4.5 to be released under LGPL

teeworlds - A retro multiplayer shooter

This is one of the best multi player game I have played recently. Maps, weapons and number of online servers available is just wonderful. Go and play this game you won't regret it.Installationsudo apt-get -y install teeworldsRemember that left click is for action & right click is for shooting hook.

OpenTTD - Open Source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Build vast cities sometimes 64 times larger than original game. Game play spans from 1950 to 2050 and objective of this game is to build roads, transport system, etc... and attract as many passengers as possible. Enjoy the game. Get OpenTTD

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul was completely free from Dec 28th 2008. You can download it and play it on your system for free. Game play includes elements of FPS & RTS. Download Savage 2: A Tortured Soul for Linux

Amusement - Minimal Emerald Theme


sauerbraten - Free First Person Shooter Game

sauerbraten is a free first person shooter game. This is redesign of famous Cube FPS game. Installationsudo apt-get -y install sauerbratensauerbraten seems to have lower fps with nivida cards, you can speed up the game by passing the option -f to the executable. This effectively disables shaders and makes the game responsive. If you have any problem or trick you want to share comment to this post.

galcon - galactic action-strategy game

galcon is one of the commercial game designed and produced using pygame. This proves you can make money using open source tools. Galcon has high engaging game play that keeps you playing the game for hours. You can freely download it and buy it if you like it.Get galcon

numpty physics - A Physics Game

numpty is a physics puzzle game. And it will surely entertain you. Goal of this game is to making sure red ball hits yellow star with in the constraints of physics.Download 32bit deb
Download 64bit deb
Get Extra Levels

atool - Universal Tool to Handle Any Kind of Archive

There are numerous archive types, tar.bz2, zip, rar, etc... And most of the time it is impossible to remember every conceivable option out there. By using a tool like atool you just have to remember things specific to atool and let the atool handle remaining details.aunpack - To extract files from an archive.apack - To create an archive.als - To list files in an archive.acat - To extract contents to standard output.adiff - To display differences between two archives.arepack - To convert an archive from one format to another.Installationsudo apt-get -y install atool