Shortcut to add ppa repository

There is an easy command line way to add PPA repository and fetch GPG keys automatically.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:<repository-name>

Replace repository name with relavent PPA repository. For example if you want to add and setup gpg keys for kubuntu-experimental execute following command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-experimental

F.lux - Save your eyes

F.lux allows you to auto adjust lightening of you monitor to ease strain on your eyes.

Download Linux version of F.lux.


xflux {-L <Latitue> | -z <zipcode>}

Source: F.lux

moovida - A media center solution that won't allow you to watch movies.

I am not really a fan of media center software but I wanted to organize all of my media in one location and play them as I pleased. I installed elisa as I once tried beta version of it with it's impressive user interface animation capabilities. Weird but I don't see Elisa entry any where in Ubuntu menu. Package info showed it only contains documentation files and README revealed some off-world creature called moovida.

The fun starts

Started moovida and it showed some vertical areas divided into movies, videos, music, etc. Now all I have to do is add my USB drive to moovida so that it will show some play lists but I couldn't find any option. Instead it scanned some random locations and added some random videos to "Unclassified Videos" in Videos section and I throughly verified whether they are by mistake "Area-51 alien interrogation videos". I couldn't find any option that said add a folder or add file or anything that remotely implied "import your sxxx". At this point of time I was really pissed and started googling how to add videos and it didn't give any results ever after adding f word.

After some googling...

Found it's the section called "Devices & Shares" where you add your media. After digging thorough it and losing all my patience I just started installing "XBMC" hoping it will let me add my media and give me feedback on what it's doing.