Open new firefox tab in background

firefox logo for ubuntu linuxThere are situations where you don't want a new tab to take focus in Firefox. Its been pain since you don't find any option under Firefox preferences to change this behavior.

Now there is a fix and you can force new tabs to open in background. Start your firefox browser, enter about:config in address bar and search for following key.


Now change this key to true by double clicking on it. If the above entry doesn't exist then create a new boolean key with above name and set it to true.

Enjoy Firefox. :)


Anonymous said…
Excellent... its working...
Thanks Yaaaaaaaar.......
Anonymous said…
Thanks but it does not work in Firefox 4 (for me at least) and changing tab behaviour in settings does not mak any difference.
=^..^= said…
My main concern was in trying to make my news links that I click on in my FEED DEMON rss reader open in my Firefox 4.0.1 but not switch over until I am ready to leave the reader. It irritated me to have the new page overtake what I was doing on the reader. Your trick solved my problem. Thank you very much. :)

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