auto-apt - On-demand Package Installer

auto-apt is useful to people who install things from source. Have your ever had frustration with ./configure ? because of gazillion number of dependencies which weren't already installed. Well auto-apt solves this problem by installing packages on the spot when your are doing ./configure to check perquisites.


As usual you have to install this if you want to use it. Use following command to install auto-apt package.

sudo apt-get -y install auto-apt

And execute following commands to populate its database and make it usable.

sudo auto-apt update && sudo auto-apt updatedb && sudo auto-apt update-local


Form now on instead of executing the command


use the command

auto-apt run ./configure

Thats it auto-apt will look for missing perquisites and installs them on demand.


Anonymous said…
-> udate-local -> update-local
vamsee said…
Thanks for correction.

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