chkrootkit - Scan for Rootkits

This guide explains how to find rootkits, worms, Loadable Kernel Modules(LKMs) using chkrootkit. But first we need to install chkroot package before we start using it.

sudo apt-get -y install chkrootkit

Now run the following command to check for presence of infected binaries.

sudo chkroot

chkroot command checks for following worms, rootkits and LKMs

  • lrk3, lrk4, lrk5, lrk6 (and variants)
  • Solaris rootkit
  • FreeBSD rootkit
  • t0rn (and variants)
  • Ambient's Rootkit (ARK)
  • Ramen Worm
  • rh[67]-shaper
  • RSHA
  • Romanian rootkit
  • RK17
  • Lion Worm
  • Adore Worm
  • LPD Worm
  • kenny-rk
  • Adore LKM
  • ShitC Worm
  • Omega Worm
  • Wormkit Worm
  • Maniac-RK
  • dsc-rootkit
  • Ducoci rootkit
  • x.c Worm
  • RST.b trojan
  • duarawkz
  • knark LKM
  • Monkit
  • Hidrootkit
  • Bobkit
  • Pizdakit
  • t0rn v8.0
  • Showtee
  • Optickit
  • T.R.K
  • MithRa's Rootkit
  • George
  • SucKIT
  • Scalper
  • Slapper A, B, C and D
  • OpenBSD rk v1
  • Illogic rootkit
  • SK rootkit
  • sebek LKM
  • Romanian rootkit
  • LOC rootkit
  • shv4 rootkit
  • Aquatica rootkit
  • ZK rootkit
  • 55808.A Worm
  • TC2 Worm
  • Volc rootkit
  • Gold2 rootkit
  • Anonoying rootkit
  • Shkit rootkit
  • AjaKit rootkit
  • zaRwT rootkit
  • Madalin rootkit
  • Fu rootkit
  • Kenga3 rootkit
  • ESRK rootkit
  • rootedoor rootkit
  • Enye LKM
  • Lupper.Worm
  • shv5

pyroom - Distraction Free Writing

pyroom screenshot


Add following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

Now install pyroom.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pyroom Live Game DVD

linux gamers dvd welcome screen

This live DVD contains native Linux games which can be run directly without installation. Game state can be saved to a USB stick.

Supported Games

  • Astromenace - Astromenace is a brilliant 3d scroll-shooter allowing you to feel the adrenalin rush of a fierce space battle against relentless swarms of alien invaders.
  • Blobby2 - Blobby2 is the gpl-ed sequel of Blobby Volley, a very famous freeware game.
  • Boswars - Boswars is a futuristic real time strategy game (RTS).
  • Btanks - Btanks is a funny battle on your desk, where you can choose one of three vehicles and eliminate your enemy using the whole arsenal of weapons.
  • BzFLag - BzFlag is a free online multi player cross-platform open source 3D tank battle game.
  • Foobillard - Foobillard FooBillard is a free billiard game for Linux using OpenGL and comes with realistic physics for a great billiard experience.
  • gl-117 - gl-117 is an action flight simulator for Linux/Unix and MS-Windows.
  • Glest - Glest is a real time strategy game which is freely available.
  • Maniadrive - Maniadrive is a free clone of Trackmania, the great game from Nad?o studio, and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous game play (tracks almost never exceed one minute), and features a network mode, as the original.
  • Neverball - Neverball is a 3D platform game.
  • Nexuiz - Nexuiz is a completely free 3D first-person shooter game.
  • Openarena - Openarena's game play is the exact same as Quake III Arena - score frags to win the game using a balanced set of weapons each designed for different situations.
  • Sauerbraten - Sauerbraten (a.k.a. Cube 2) is a free multi player/single player first person shooter, built as a major redesign of the Cube FPS.
  • Savage - Savage is a fantasy/science fiction computer game that combines aspects of Real-time strategy and First-person shooter into one game.
  • Teeworlds - Teeworlds is a fast-paced side scrolling multi player-only shoot 'em up computer game.
  • Thunder and Lightning - Thunder and Lightning is a futuristic action flight simulator and realtime strategy game that takes place in a large 3D environment.
  • Torcs - Torcs is a free 3d car racing game.
  • Tremulous - Tremulous started like World of Padman as a Q3 modification, and got standalone when ID-Software published the Q3's code under GPL.
  • Ufo:ai - Ufo: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM PC games.
  • Vegastrike - Vegastrike aims to insert players into a large, dynamic universe with diverse factions of varying disposition to the player and to each other, and an economy model where trade, combat and exploration are all profitable.
  • Warsow - Warsow - Since eSports is a common part in nowadays spare time activities, an international team of developers and artists is working on the warsow game.
  • Warzone2100 - Warzone2100 is a real-time strategy game, in many significant aspects comparable to Earth2150, it does contain some features that are unique.
  • Wesnoth - Wesnoth is a very popular turn-based strategy game played on a hexgrid, with single-player campaigns as well as multi-player matches.
  • Widelands - Widelands is a slow-paced real-time strategy free computer game under the GPL.
  • World of Padman - World of Padman is a colorful comic style first person shooter started as Q3 modification, which became a standalone game in April 2007.
  • EnemyTerritory - EnemyTerritory is an online multi-player game, where the players interact with each other over a network in two teams (Allies and Axis) to defend or destroy mission objectives.
  • UrbanTerror - UrbanTerror is a free multi player first person shooter, that (thanks to ioquake3) does not require Quake III Arena.
  • Download either iso or torrent.

    Preview Gtk Themes Without Installing Them

    The widget factory is a small application that allows previewing gtk themes without applying them system wide.


    Install the package thewidgetfactory.

    sudo apt-get -y install thewidgetfactory

    Use following command to launch the widget factory.

    twf - Develop Mono Apps

    Monodevelop welcome screen

    MonoDevelop is an IDE for developing .Net compatible applications for *nix & windows platforms. It support .Net, C++, C#, Java and several other languages. Offers code completion, project management, build management, Database management, Version control, and Add-In support for implementing other features.


    You need to install the package MonoDevelop.

    sudo apt-get -y install monodevelop


    • Workbench - Offers different types of pads for project management to deployment.
    • Customization - Offers different layouts just like eclipse so that you can have different views when doing different things.(debugging, editing, GUI building)
    • Database management.
    • Version control.
    • Visual Studio integration.
    • Inbuilt .Net C#, Gtk# documentation.
    • Language translation support.
    • Package and deployment for different operating systems.
    • Gui builder "GTK# Designer".

    Turn on Font Autohinting

    Execute following command and restart your gui session to enable autohinting.

    sudo ln -sf /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/

    Extra Visualizations for Rhythmbox

    rhythmbox visualizations libvisual plugins

    Default Ubuntu media players ship with boring and very minimal visualizations. Here is the guide to get bucket load of visualizations on Ubuntu.

    libvisual plugins

    This package adds around 8 more visualizations to Rhythmbox. BTW visualizations shipped with this package doesn't work in totem at least for me. To install this package execute following command.

    sudo apt-get -y install libvisual-0.4-plugins

    Disable System Beep/Sound in Ubuntu

    To temporarly disable system beep for current session use following command.

    sudo rmmod pcspkr

    To perminently disable system beep add following line to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file.

    blacklist pcspkr

    PPA for 3.0

    For Intrepid

    deb intrepid main
    deb-src intrepid main

    For hardy

    deb hardy main
    deb-src hardy main

    Download OpenOffice 3.0

    Another way is to directly download relevant OpenOffice 3.0 binary deb archive from this download page and install it. Make sure you uninstall previous version of OpenOffice before installing newer one.

    Rhythmbox as Media Server (UPnP/DLNA)

    You can configure Rhythmbox to act as central media server using its built in plugin support. Using this ability you can access your media(music or videos) from remote location.


    First you need to install python-coherence package.

    sudo apt-get -y install python-coherence

    Now open Rhythmbox >> Edit >> Plugins and check DLNA/UPnP sharing and control support. From now onwards when ever you start rhythmbox all of your UPnP compatiable devices and software applications will show the Rhythmbox served media server.

    GIMP 2.6 Released

    GIMP 2.6 window

    Gimp 2.6 just released and you can install it right away.

    For hardy

    deb hardy main
    deb-src hardy main
 has latest gimp 32bit deb packages for ubuntu hardy.

    32bit GIMP 2.6 packages for ubuntu hardy.

    For intrepid

    deb intrepid main
    deb-src intrepid main

    Paste above repo section that corresponds to your Ubuntu version inside file /etc/apt/sources.list. Make sure you add these lines at the top of sources.list. Then do an apt-get update and reinstall gimp.