Wifi on Acer Laptops

A few months back I bought an acer aspire 4520 laptop. Since then I wasn't able to make wifi work on my laptop. For me madwifi doesn't work at all and ndiswrapper works occasionally.

Recently I went out bought Netgear USB wifi stick and it worked out of box. No need to install any drivers or anything.

Hope jaunty will have proper support for atheros chip sets.


Anonymous said…
I guess I lucked out. My Aspire 5515's wireless worked straightaway under Ubuntu 8.10. I sincerely hope Jaunty doesn't break it.

Thanks for the tip. I may have to pick one of those up just on general principle.
andersonvom said…
I have an Acer 4520 laptop and the wireless card works fine with ndiswrapper - tough it's a terrible solution. Hope this is fixed in jaunty too.

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