State of netbook offerings and politics

We are seeing an invasion of netbook offerings from lot of vendors Acer,dell,hp,Intel, the list goes on with the impressive battery backup times. But everything boils down to either Intel atom processor with Intel chip set or ARM processor package.

State of Intel offerings

Many of Intel partners are competing against Intel using Intels own hardware. So to neutralize this threat and to make Intel offerings look much more attractive Intel is supplying hardware locked at lower frequency to its partners.

If you own an Atom based netbook with Intel hardware you may try GMABooster to remove these limitations.

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State of Intel graphics

Every chip-set of Intel works well on Linux except chip-sets that use PowerVR based graphics acceleration. Since PowerVR doesn't have any track record of releasing open source video drivers, GMA 500 has very primitive driver support in Linux.

These are the things that I am able to uncover about Intels offering of netbooks. If you have more info on either Atom or ARM based netbooks please discuss here.


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