wmii - Simple Window Manager

wmii tiling window manager


sudo apt-get -y install wmii


Restart your current GUI session and select wmii from your login manager. You will be presented with a blank screen, now press Mod+Enter to start a new terminal.

Following are the useful keyboard shortcuts.

  • Mod+Enter - Start a new terminal
  • Mod+M, Mod+S, Mod+D - Maximized layout, Stacked layout, Reset to default layout(equal height).
  • Mod+H, Mod+L, Mod+J, Mod+K - Move focus to left, right, down, up window.
  • Mod+Shift+H, Mod+Shift+L, Mod+Shift+J, Mod+Shift+K - Move current window to left, right, down, up. Move to left or right keys will result in new column if there is no column exists in that direction.
  • Mod+P - Shows an application launcher.


wmii is glued together using bash scripts so its easy to customize. wmii exposes its settings as a virtual file system and you can modify settings using wmiir command.


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