epidermis - Download and Apply Theme Packs in one Click

epidermis mac theme screenshot

Epidermis allows you to download and apply pigments in one click. Here a pigment is a pack of wallpaper, gtk theme, window manager theme, splash screen, gdm theme,etc...

Installing epidermis

Download epidermis deb package from this page and install it.

Using epidermis

Start epidermis from command line and start updating epidermis repo to find new themes. And apply any pigment that you like.


Orlsend said…
Hey, Thank you so much for this neat review.

We are working to bring you the best of themes and to make your Gnome experience allot more pleasant.

If you have nay questions I will be more than willing to help out.
vamsee said…
Thanks for Mac4Lin theme pack and I am starting to like it. Perhaps you can start an online collaboration too upload user-defined pigments and I see a lot of potential for this application.
Anonymous said…
It's pretty neat. I needed some hard to find dependencies though:


Seems to work on ubuntu feisty fawn (amd64) just fine after locating the dependencies. Good work!
Anonymous said…
good, i just added up tons of fresh emo backgrounds to my blog
Yaro Kasear said…
Source code? I don't use a Debian-based distro (Thank God.) but I might actually want this.

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