Yo Frankie! - A Funny Furry Game

yo frankie - A funny blender based linux game.

What is Yo Frankie ?

Yo Frankie was initially known as project apricot. Project apricot was initiated to know whether it's possible to produce commercial quality professional game using opensource tools. And it was a success. During project apricot execution some extreme improvements were added to blender. And today you can write games inside blender with little effort.

Get Yo Frankie!

Download Yo Frankie!

Yo Frankie! used crystal space rendering engine to render effects. If you are interested may be you can start coding your own Linux game from there.


Anonymous said…
Personally I was a little dissapointed with the game. It's "Frankie" btw, not "Frainkie" ;)

Could you do an article about GScrot?
vamsee said…
Corrected, Thanks for the correction.
blengine said…
The main delivery platform was Blender's internal game engine. Crystal Space ended up being used only for a side game, because of how terrible it is.

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