Die Hard 4.0 comes to Ubuntu

Die hard 4.0 ubuntu theme screenshot

Trust me your system won't explode.

You can follow gTangish icon theme development .

Download matching Die Hard 4.0 wallpaper .

Download Die Hard 4.0 emerald theme. As the DARKguy says use Clearlooks blackblue gtk theme for window controls.


You can Download Die Hard 4.0 theme pack in one click.


Anonymous said...

how do i install it??

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work...please tell me how to install email: djalexinfinity@yahoo.com

mastro said...

cool theme
want to install press ctrl f12 and write in box
emerald --replace and enjoy

but first install emerald theme manager

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie and the wallpaper is a Medusa face with eyes so I belive the wallpaper used here is the wrong one.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out the icons with the emerald manager. Other than that, I'm loving the theme.

nick vogelius said...

what is called an operating system
I would willingly have the entire operating system