Getdeb Repository

getdeb site screenshot

Getdeb provides compiled binaries of popular games and applications in the form of deb packages. These applications are not available in official ubuntu repository. Until now you have to download individual deb packages and install them. And things just got better and we have a getdeb repository. Cut the following line and paste it at the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

deb getdeb/

Now update your apt cache.

sudo apt-get update

This is noway official repository and you should be aware of risks.

Repository for ubuntu games

getdeb announced a newer gamers ubuntu repostory. Will update this post as soon as its available. Mean while download compiled versions of game debs.

Enjoy Ubuntu ;)


Serge D said…
I tried this and it only seemed to work for bogofilter
anything else i try and upgrade i get teh following message

W: Failed to fetch
404 Not Found
Shadow said…
This repo is sometimes offline, you have retry after sometime.
Serge D said…
When i got to

I can see a list of files directories but, when i go to it is empty.
Its been like this for about a week, i try everyday.

Does this mean the repo is offline? or something else?
Anonymous said…
Fejős Tamás said…
This repo seems offline or empty now.

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