RealPlayer 11 for Ubuntu

First of all I want to hats off real networks for releasing new RealPlayer 11 for Linux. Their new player supports extensive list of video and audio codecs and they are really free to use on linux.

Supported Codecs

  • Theora (Alpha 3 encoded content)
  • Vorbis
  • Ogg
  • Basic SMIL 2.0
  • H263
  • RealPix
  • RAM and RPM playlist formats
  • RTSP streaming with RTP
  • HTTP streaming
  • RealText
  • RealEvents
  • RealAudio, RealVideo
  • mp3
  • mp4 audio (AAC unprotected only)
  • Flash 4


Download RealPlayer bin file from below link and execute following command in terminal. And make sure you are in the directory where you have downloaded the .bin file.

chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

Run the bin by issuing following command.


Rest of the installation process is self explanatory.

Helix Player

Helix player is open source media player. RealPlayer for linux uses HelixDNA as a base with some proprietory codecs. Helix DNA is being developed for use on Computers, Mobiles and Living room devices. Helix DNA development contributors include Nokia, Motorola, Trolltech, Samsung, SonyEricsson, TI, Intel, ST Microelectronics and RealNetworks, opensource contributors.

Get RealPlayer For Linux

Get Helix Player


Anonymous said…
Or you can use the .DEB file I made for Real Player 11 and simply double click to install it.
The Deb is at:

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