Scribes - Textmate for Ubuntu

scribes editor running on ubuntu gnome

Many people came to know about textmate through popular ruby on rails screencasts. Editing magic that you can do with textmate amazed minions of linux and windows users. Although you can do the same thing using emacs and vim plugins, lack of simple & powerful editor like textmate for non Mac platforms disappointed many people.

Now ubuntu users can enjoy scribes editor. It works as simple & effective as textmate. Here is brief feature overview.

  • Python based plugin system to extend the capabilites of the editor.
  • Edit files on remote systems through ftp, sftp, ssh, samba ...
  • Auto indenting and syntax coloring for over 30 languages.
  • Advanced text manipulation.
  • Bookmarking lines inside a file.
  • Auto complete/suggest.
  • File templates.
  • Simple to use and minimal user interface.

Flash demo of this editor. If you like this editor please donate.

Install scribes

sudo apt-get -y install scribes


skaiuoquer said…
I love it.

I know how to work my way around Emacs, and yet, I user Scribes @ work (and for all around coding).

I work on php/perl mostly, and get a heck of use out of snippets and auto-completion.

However, I'd say I use a combination of (a fixed) glipper, gnome terminal, opera 9.6 (with it's -so far pretty great- developer tools), and nautilus (with it's beautiful gvfs).

Taufan A said…
This is COOL, Man!
Thanks a lot
Anonymous said…
Does this support Rack?
Anonymous said…
One of the nice things about textmate is that it supports having a directory view of your project as well as just editing text files. Does your project have that? If so, I can't seem to find it.

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